Riced Out Yugo
It is time.


OMG MAN, Stop that! You'll make Richard Nixon urinate on my carpet!


fuckle: oh fuck fuckle: i want burritos fuckle: you bastard!!!!!!!!1 fuckle: welcome to icq

DRAT! He is offering competion! Well... he shall not outlast the mystic powers of hamble that I handily happen to possess...

Yes... one might say he will be... HAMBOBLIFICATED.

Oh dear... I seem to have the twitters!

And now, MUSIC!

Across the world... the message flies...
Information comes in pies!
It's not all yours, it is all mine!
I won't share the pies at any time!
We're all the all the alike, We share a motorboke, we play
If it's yes or no, the decision is easy, it's easy.
Zeroes and pies will take us there!

The time the revolution, will be super-pied
You'll know it as you bake it,
In real time, before you provide!
Slip between fruit pies
There's more pie to this than anywhere that you or I can see
The world is mine, the world is yours, and here's the cause
Zeroes and pies will take us there!

I've stared into the crust of it all
Seen the pies in the hall
The beat of a heart
The oceans part... and the pies in my mind...

This time, we've split pie once pie once more
There's those that have and that don't in pie recepe wars
We're not alone 'cos pies are growin, and they're everywhere, everywhere...
Zeroes and pies will take us there.

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker @ 2003-11-29 04:29:29
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