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grammar ma'ams
since the beginning of time, mankind has strove to achieve Grand Things. they never returned the favor, but that's the besides the point... which is, in fact, Grand Things themselves. My Excessive Capitalization, however, is deeply rooted in my rejection of arbitrary rules, which are rules simply because they are rules, and for no other reason than we need a common agreement. so, when i say they are "arbitrary" i mean that in the sense of "if one thing is as good as another, i will be blorpfink." i mean, why should someone else get to make up the words? i feel that capitals are Great for Emphasis, but are otherwise unnecessary. hell, the ROMANS MADE DVE WITHOUT THEM, the Germans attach them to every Noun with precision and focus... and teachers of english, throughout my "academic career" (my "waste disposal technician" often goes on at length about his academic career) have the gall to insist i should mindlessly use capitals a Certain Way. what, do aRbitRarY cAPITALS make something illegible? i certainly don't think so. yes, they can be distracting if applied aRBitRarIlY... but that is exactly what they ask, for me to follow Arbitrary Rules set by some fucking pope in 1560 that wrote grammar books, or wherever it came from. there is a difference between using capitals FOR EMPHASIS and applying them at random. the former adds signal, while the latter adds noise. i am outraged that i am expected to blindly adhere to what is essentially a blip of noise. does the period not adequately indicate the end of the sentence? as if that isn't enough, i add the customary space as well... which i feel improves both the legibility, and the aesthetics.

tomorrow, i'll take the piss out of mental health professionals.
Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker @ 2007-08-22 13:19:00
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