Riced Out Yugo


  • Qacro

    By grafting our patented PhraseZappa technology onto the ever-amazing headerimg, we're able to randomly generate irreverent macro images on demand, for the low price of free -- all day long!!

  • W.T.F.

    Generate a random web page.

  • ImagePair

    Pick two images from headerimg and display them together, in the hopes the juxtaposition will cause amusement.

  • Wisdom

    Aphorisms a la Yugo.

  • RandWord

    Pick one or more random words.

  • Gogel+Word

    Pick one or more random words, and search google for the resulting string.

Generators: Those which generate. "Generate what," you ask? Why, many things: Surprise. Joy. Sense. Nonsense. Synchronicities.... everything you might want or need, should you find yourself bored on some rainy sunday.
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