Riced Out Yugo

Welcome to Riced Out Labs!

Here's the latest technology from Riced Out Labs:

  • HeaderIMG - A random image is selected from an ever-expanding database, and rendered in your web browser. For now, we are happy to let people hotlink it. We encourage it. However, someday, when a terminal bandwidth bill comes in, it will be replaced with Goatse. Also available in jpg edition for use on forums with over-restrictive image policies. CLICK HERE to see headerimg statistical data.

  • QACRO - Riced Out Yugo's take on the infamous and numberous "macro" images found on teh interweb.

  • Riced Out CAPTCHA - Due to spambots commenting on posts in an unamusing fashion, we designed & deployed a CAPTCHA which requires the user to determine whether an automobile is riced out or not. this also serves to establish a bare minimum of taste in the commenter.

  • The Octoguiser - Renders any potentially dangerous legal disclaimer safe for human consumption.

  • Wisdom - A collection of thoughtful aphorisms. Why should Brian Eno and Pink Floyd have all the fun?

  • W.T.F. - Generates a random web page.

  • ...and, as always, keep up with the latest Yugo Posts via RSS or LiveJournal.

Legacy Technology:

  • VeriHat - HatBot verification system

Riced Out Labs is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Riced Out Industries.